Dr. Lual A. Deng, Coordinator

Dr. Lual A. Deng

Dr. Deng is an influential South Sudanese speaker, author, and policy expert and has a key role in the National Dialogue as the Coordinator of the Secretariat. He is a member of South Sudan’s parliament, the National Legislative Assembly.

Dr. Deng was educated in Sudan, Egypt and the United States of America, where he obtained respectively Bsc degree in economic statistics from University of Khartoum (1973), master’s degree in Biostatistics, University of Alexandria, Egypt (1976), master’s degree in economics, Iowa State University (1982) and doctorate in development economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1984). His career has covered teaching, international development, research, and politics.

Dr. Deng was assistant professor of economics (tenure-track) with the University of Wisconsin Center System (1985 – 1986); country economist, African Development Bank (1986-1989); senior economist, World Bank (1989 – 1991); Division Chief, environment and social policy, AfDB; economic adviser to Dr. John Garang (2003 – 2005); state minister of finance (2005 – 2010) and minister of petroleum (2010 – 2011) in the Government of National Unity of Sudan. Currently a member (2015 – ) of Advisory Group for Sub-Saharan Africa (AGSA) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), member of South Sudan Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) and managing director of Ebony Center for Strategic Studies, a non-profit research institution, Juba, South Sudan. He is also a Wilson Center guest speaker.


Dr. Lual A. Deng is the author of: a) The Power of Creative Reasoning – The Ideas and Vision of John Garang, published by iUniverse (2013); and 2) Rethinking African Development: Toward A Framework for Social Integration and Ecological Harmony, published by Africa World Press (1998).