Hon. Abel Alier, Co-Chair

Hon. Abel Alier

Abel Alier Kwai (born 1933) is a South Sudanese politician and judge who served as Vice President of Sudan between 1971 and 1982 and as President of the High Executive Council of the Southern Sudan Autonomous Region between 1972 and 1978. After Sudan gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1956, Southern Sudan was not left as an independent state. This led to a deadly war a year before the independence where Mr. Alier played a vital role in unifying South Sudan forces.

Mr. Alier is an internationally respected judge, human-rights lawyer and activist on behalf of Christians in the Sudan. Former Vice President of Sudan (1971–1982), he served as the first president of the High Executive Council of Southern Sudan. He sits on the Permanent Court of International Arbitration in The Hague and is recognized as South Sudan’s most prominent Christian lawyer. His latest book is Southern Sudan: Too Many Agreements Dishonoured.