Hon. James Aleu Mijak

Hon. James Aleu Mijak

Honorable James Aleu Mijak is a seasoned security expert with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in security-related matters. He has worked with UNDP as a security associate and security specialist in AECOM USAID, as well as several other International Non-Governmental Organizations such as ADRA, Save the Children, etc.

He was born on the 28th of August 1966 in Wad Madani Northern the Capital City of Jazeera State in East-Central Sudan and is the Second largest town to Khartoum.

He moved to South Sudan with the rest of the family in 1972 after the Addis Ababa peace agreement. In March 1985, He left the school and joined the SPLA, where he was on the frontlines for many years taking part in multiple military operations in the war for liberation.

On June 1st, 2010, He was appointed the County Commissioner for the then newly created Piji in Jonglei State, where he served until July 2012.

Hon. James went back to school to pursue further studies and graduated with an LLB in Busoga University in 2016 and is currently pursuing an LLM in Makerere University, Uganda. Honorable James Aleu Mijak and his colleagues joined the National Dialogue as a result of the Pretoria Agreement between Political Parties and the National Dialogue Steering Committee leadership’s agreement Known as “Pretoria Agreement.”

Honorable James Aleu is the current interim Secretary-General of the Umbrella Coalition of Political parties and Secretary-General of Social Democratic Party (SDP) as well as the acting Chairman of SDP. He is one of seven founders of the SDP.