Ms. Reja Glady Joseph – Documentation unit

Reja Glady Joseph

Reja is a young and enthusiastic South Sudanese economist, lecturer and researcher with over eight years of accumulated experience. Reja is a detail-oriented critical thinker, with elaborate analytical skills. She is also a team player with demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills. Currently, she is a  Program Officer at Ebony Center, and lectures at the University of Juba at the faulty of Social and Economic Studies. She is also a consultant at the Institute of Social Policy and Research. Before this, Reja worked as an operation manager at Charter One bank (2011-2016) in South Sudan.

Reja acquired her education in South Sudan, Uganda, and Europe. She has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management (2008-2011) from Uganda Christian University, Masters of Economic Policy in Global Markets (2016-2018) from Central European University.

Reja’s primary areas of interest include research, working with information and processes, motivating, and influencing others. She is a volunteer at the Center for Inclusive Governance, Peace and Justice (CIGPJ), and founding member of Media and Research Organizations in South Sudan (MROSS)