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End of consultations in Greater Torit


End of consultations&nbsp in Greater Torit
Author: Chan Deal
The national dialogue steering commsup- committee for Eastern Equatoria sup-region headed by Chairperson Hon. Nartisio  Loluke Manir , completed it consultations in the greater Torit that included Torit center, Torit East and Torit West.
During the consultations, the team was able meet with all stakeholders of Greater Torit, where they expressed thier grievances, on governance, corruption, tribalism, insecurity, lack of development and the resolve to retan to three former regions of Equatoria, Bahar-Elgazal and Uper Nile.

  1. Ththerefore, they call for full implementation of the resolutions of the National Dialogue.
    The National Dialogue steering committee for Eastern Equatoria sup-region is now preparing to consult with the stakeholders in greater Ikwoto and greater Lopa Counties as well as moving to Kapoeta state.

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