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Nairobi Consultation for Kenyan Refugees and Diaspora

Consultation Forum,

The Nairobi consultation concluded on November 30th and was qualified as an overwhelming success in terms of participation, enthusiasm, and quantity of ideas. Hundreds of people from all over Kenya attended, representing both the Diaspora and the refugee populations.

Update, Day 1 and 2

The first day saw a record consultation attendance of 317 people. Hon. Deng Dau opened the proceedings with the following statement Nairobi-Consultation-Opening-Statement

The findings from Day 1 were summarized here: Nairobi Consultation – Day 1 Summary

Event Description

The National Dialogue’s Subcommittee on International and Refugee Outreach continues its work in East Africa facilitating dialogue with South Sudan’s many war refugees. Representatives of CSOs and other groups will also be consulted.

The first consultation with local leaders and agencies will take place at the South Sudan embassy in central Nairobi.

The consultations will take place on Friday 24th, Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th.

24th November 2017 10:00 am – 29th November 2017
Embassy of South Sudan / Jacaranda Hotel - Nairobo
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2 thoughts on “Nairobi Consultation for Kenyan Refugees and Diaspora

  1. Hellen Nyannywi Malith

    National dialogue can only be successful if matters of security are met. The people of South Sudan are afraid of expressing themselves due to the ongoing killings.

    “Our voices must be heard! ”

    A government that hides to constructive criticism is a government that is willing to bring change to its citizens.No one is above the rule of law and freedom of speech is our right.

    The role of women in peacebuilding in national dialogue can only be achieved through promotion engagement in decision-making processes and leadership position in peace programs.

    The youth should be engaged also through prior consent on ongoing national dialogue processes. The youth of South Sudan are being victimised, discriminated, and used against each other for war purposes. I strongly condemn propaganda that promotes ethnic division and tribalism. We ask the government to prevent the acts of dividing the youths and its citizens based on politics that are not for common good or peace of South Sudan. Self-interest is not the way forward for South Sudan!

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