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All Political Parties Leadership Forum facilitated by the ND Leadership to take place on 28 & 29 October 2019 at Freedom Hall, Juba, Republic of South Sudan;

Consultation Forum,

One of the mandates of the National Dialogue Steering Committee, as stated in the concept note, is to organize popular consultations at the grassroots and regional levels. It also mandates the Steering Committee to draft the National Dialogue Conference Agenda and present it to the stakeholders for their inputs before it is tabled to the conference.

In all national political processes, such as the National Dialogue, some of the most important stakeholders include citizens and the political parties. Citizens confer power on a political party that promises better returns to the citizens. Having exhaustively consulted the citizens, it is imperative that the National Dialogue process brings the political parties on board at this critical stage.

The National Dialogue Steering Committee recognized early on that the political parties need to be on board. In a series of discussions earlier this year, the political parties reached an understanding with the National Dialogue Steering Committee and signed the Pretoria Declaration. Presently, the representatives of the political parties have been seconded to various organs of the National Dialogue including the Leadership, Steering Committee, and
the Secretariat. Therefore, the political parties have become part of the National Dialogue process. Thus, their inputs in the National Conference Agenda is important.

The All Political Parties Conference is therefore being organized to achieve four interrelated objectives:

  1. To brief the political parties about the processes of the National Dialogue
    undertaken thus far, including the Agreement with the political parties.
  2.  To share the draft outline of the National Conference Agenda and to get the inputs of
    the political parties into the Agenda.
  3. To share the outline of the implementation framework and also get political parties’
  4. To reach a consensus in the form of communique with the political parties about
    Resolutions of the National Dialogue Conference.

28th October 2019 12:00 am – 29th October 2019
Freedom Hall, Juba.

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