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Refugee Consultation – Adjumani District

Consultation Forum,

Update, Day 2

According to National Dialogue delegation members, the 2nd day of consultation in Adjumanu was even more candid than day 1.

In fact, it became perhaps one of the saddest outpourings of grief yet experienced during many weeks of consulting with refugees, both those internally displaced in South Sudan or forced to live abroad.

Much of the talk revolved around the destruction of the family. As refugees put it, the nuclear family has been destroyed; children with no idea where their mother is; husbands searching for wives.

Even with larger family groups that are so important to South Sudan, people find themselves isolated living in camps and squalid conditions.

Almost all consultation participants talked about the pain families were experienced at being torn apart.

A broad number of participants took aim at SPLM-“XYZ” political leadership. They rejected the idea that any SPLM officials, opposition or government, represented their interests.

At the same time, they expressed dismay in the National Dialogue for not including SPLM leaders and expressed a general distrust of the National Dialogue.

For more detail, download the official findings document: For immediate release 23 Nov 2017

Adjumani Dialogue Consultation Adjumani Dialogue Consultation Adjumani Dialogue Consultation Adjumani Dialogue Consultation Adjumani Dialogue Consultation

Update, Day 1

Subcommittee head Deng Dau kicked off meetings this morning with this introduction: SPEECH OF THE CHAIR NOVEMBER 22. He made a strong effort to reassure participants of their safety from reprisal for speaking their mind:

“I assure you of your safety   while deliberating on issues pertaining to the national dialogue of the Republic of South Sudan. I Therefore strongly bring to your attention that, do not be intimidated by anybody, it is you who is suffering, the country belongs to you and the solutions to such problems of our nation must come from you the people of South Sudan.

Event Description

The National Dialogue Subcommittee on Refugee and International Outreach travels to the Adjumani District of Northern Uganda to consult with refugees living in Moyo, Adjumani, and Lamuo settlements. Consultations began Wednesday morning, November 22nd and will continue through Friday, November, 24th. The delegation holding consultations in Kampala and Arua remains unchanged and consists of 19 individuals.

The National Dialogue would like to publicly acknowledge the support of UNHCR in coordinating these consultations.

22nd November 2017 9:00 am – 23rd November 2017
Adjumani Refugee Settlements

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