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Grassroots Consultation Central Equatoria

Consultation Forum,

The National Dialogue Leadership will travel to Yei to conduct the first regional consultation forum of the National Dialogue. Based on September 18th meeting, there is a great interest in participating in an official National Dialogue forum. Results will be posted to this page once the event concludes. All citizens of  Central Equatoria are welcome to attend the forum sessions.

Note: the dates are approximate and have yet to be confirmed.

3rd October 2017 12:00 am – 6th October 2017
Yei Central Equatoria
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  1. Lohisa Okong from Lowoi payam Torit west county

    I as south Sudanese I need government leaders of south sudan to stop corruption and let them employ people in national government institutions from 64 tribes not to employ only Dinka people .So thanks

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