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First International Consultation Forum — Kampala, Uganda

Consultation Forum,

This event concluded on Thursday, the 16th November 2017. The National Dialogue’s official findings are available for download here: National dialogue completes consultations in Kampala. The nearly 200 participants  represented interests of over 100,000 South Sudanese living in the Kampala area.

Event Updates – Day 3

More women’s groups came forward on Day 3, asking for not just 50% representation in Parliament, but in senior appointed positions. A wide variety of groups voiced the desire for the democratic transfer of power,  improvement of government institutions e.g. legal framework, and accountability of corrupt public officials.


Event Updates – Day 2

Women’s groups call for 50/50 Representation in Parliament

Youth groups call for minimum 20% Representation in Parliament

Kampala Consultation


Event Updates – Day 1

Opening address by Deng Dau Deng Malek, Chair of the National Dialogue Subcommittee on International and Refugee Outreach: Speech of the chair 15 nov-2017 Kampala

Official significant findings document: South Sudanese in Kampala want Machar and Kiir aside

Official classification of attendees document: Stakeholders classified for today consultations

Kampala Consultation, Day 1 Kampala Consultation, Day 1 Kampala Consultation, Day 1 Kampala Consultation, Day 1 Kampala Consultation, Day 1

Event Description

This regional consultation forum will take place over three days from 2 to 5 pm at the South Sudan embassy in central Kampala. National Dialogue members will hear concerns from the following groups:

  • South Sudan Embassy staff
  • Ugandan government officials

Representatives from other stakeholders in the National Dialogue, such as women’s groups, youth groups, religious leaders, and business groups have been invited to attend, as have community leaders from urban refugee communities in Kampala.

14th November 2017 12:00 am – 16th November 2017
Embassy of South Sudan in Uganda
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