National Dialogue Leadership

Abel Alier Kwai (born 1933) is a South Sudanese politician and judge who served as Vice President of Sudan between 1971 and 1982 and as President of the High Executive Council of the Southern Sudan Autonomous Region between 1972 and 1978. After Sudan gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1956, Southern Sudan was not left as an independent state…. Full profile
Angelo Beda was born in 1939 at Akpa in Tambura State. He is a South Sudanese veteran politician and statesmana and serves the National Dialogue as its co-chair and head of delegation. He hails from the Azande Tribe/ ethnic Community of Western Equatoria Region, the second largest tribe in South Sudan (1956 Census). He has served in the regional and… Full profile
The Honourable Gabriel Yoal Duk serves the National Dialogue as its Deputy Co-Chair. Mr. Yoal has long experience in politics and statesmanship, beginning with his appointment in 1970 as a diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when he was posted in the Sudanese embassy in Addis Ababa. Mr. Yoal is one of South Sudan’s oldest living statesmen and has held… Full profile
Hon. Bona Malual serves as the National Dialogue’s Rapporteur.   Full profile
Ambassador Francis M. Deng has recently been assigned the position of South Sudan’s Roving Ambassador after having been the country’s first Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Prior to that, he served for five years as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide at the level of Under-Secretary-General. From 1992 to 2004, he served as Representative… Full profile
The Honorable Mary Bicensio Wani serves the National Dialogue as a member of its Leadership. Ms. Wani is a member of South Sudan’s National Parliament and has served in the field of accountability checks and balances as the first female Chairperson of Public Accounts. and chairperson of African Organization Previously, she also served as Chairperson of the African Organization of Public… Full profile
The Honorable Elizabeth Achan Ogwaro is a member of the National Transitional Legislative Assembly of South Sudan and a trained Mediator and Negotiator. On the national and local levels, Hon Ogwaro has been instrumental in conflict resolutions between and among communities especially in Eastern Equatoria State of South Sudan. She provides technical support to women members of Parliament and local… Full profile
Lilian Riziq is a former senior government minister and a key member of the National Dialogue’s Leadership. She is also the founder and managing director of the South Sudan Women’s Empowerment Network. One of the prominent leaders in South Sudan’s women’s movement; Member of  Leadership Team of South Sudan National Dialogue Steering Committee, Lilian also served as State Minister of… Full profile
Honorable James Aleu Mijak is a seasoned security expert with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in security-related matters. He has worked with UNDP as a security associate and security specialist in AECOM USAID, as well as several other International Non-Governmental Organizations such as ADRA, Save the Children, etc. He was born on the 28th of August 1966 in Wad… Full profile
Honorable William Jabi Ngalamu, a member of the Leadership of the National Dialogue of South Sudan, is a distinguished Politician, Lecturer and University Administrator. As an administrator, his experience remark includes; a field officer with Repatriation and Rehabilitation Commission; a Chief Administrator for Christian Outreach in Khartoum, Sudan; Deputy Secretary General (served two 4-year-terms) for Anglophone countries in Africa at… Full profile

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