Inclusive Participation
Former VP Riek Machar and President Kiir in Jub a, South Sudan in 2016

National Dialogue, your time has come. After 50 years of peace agreements and treaties, and 30 years of virtually uninterrupted conflict, the time has come for a comprehensive and inclusive peace process. Nothing else has worked. Generals and politicians will never figure out a way to lead South Sudan to peace. With inclusive participation¬†of all members of society in the negotiation to win South Sudan’s peace, ceasefire agreements, stable governments, law and order, and democratic institutions will finally be based on a more accurate representation of the best interests of the people of South Sudan.

All will agree that peace is knocking at the door and needs only someone to open it for the lasting solution to come and stay with us. People can disagree on positive opinions but end up to disagree to agree. This is the only civilized way of doing things not taking guns and bullets as the solution to that disagreement. Those who went to the bush to wage war against their own brothers using guns to snatch power from the sitting authority have realized that what they were out to do was a futile exercise which was only meant to destruct what little had been achieved for the good of all reasoning minds.

Inclusive participation
Men and women from Uganda refugee camps at a National Dialogue consultation in Kampala

Inclusive Participation Requires All Parties to Put Down Guns

They have realized this and some have decided to abandon the use of the gun and seek power through a peaceful solution. This is how it should be. The vote in whichever way should decide who the next leader of the country not guns. The indication that over 120 rebels had surrendered to the authority in Wau and the other 580 in Magwi country is a clear sign that those who ran to fight in the bush were tired and had decided to seek peace for the future of this country. Those coming back home from the bush to join in the peace process should remain honest and focused on the future good of this country and agree to disagree on principles. It should not be personal or chest-thumping because the children and parents of this country have never known or experienced the peaceful atmosphere. It is our duty and responsibility to give them these all-inclusive.

A number of eminent personalities both local and international are championing this cause which includes the initiative by President Kiir for National Dialogue which has attracted the attention of all except few who are still skeptical. Those few should come forward and join the country on the way forward to lasting peace. There is no shortcut but inclusive participation.


9 thoughts on “Inclusive Participation For Peace




    the only solution to for surely solving the problem of this particular country is through federal system of government , it was a demand of people of south Sudan since 1958

    again presentation within the deployment all commander should not be one tribe and the reform’s within the army should be also equal and than too many generals bring a lot of problem within country .

  3. Dut malual

    National dialogue is the only solution that can solve our problem amicably as Southerners and let us avoid the fingers of accusations against Mr x and Mr y.
    Our first priority is to save the lives of war survivors and let us avoid what have happen in the past.

    • Anonymus

      I agree it is the best solution. I think Kiir didn’t have honest drive for it but now is too late and national dialogue will get him from power.

      now he cant stop it because eeryone see it’s doing what is supposed doing having dialogues.

  4. Machar Dut

    I would like the National Dialogue committee to really reveal the views of all the South Sudanese after consultation regarding this ongoing crisis in the country and not to hide what has been demanded by the people of South Sudan. This will shows the National Dialogue Committee fairness and will bring the final suffering of the people of South Sudan.

    • Editorial Staff

      Machar, the National Dialogue will definitely be acting according to your wishes. The process works like this: the people, or their representatives (e.g. church leaders, or refugee camp school teachers) are listened to at consultation forums, like the one in Kampala. Each consultation is documented so that results can be shared with the entire National Dialogue.

      After conducting approximately 100 of these consultations in South Sudan and around the world, the National Dialogue will build the agenda for a national peace conference.

      The outcome and entire process are being documented here on this site, which is independently controlled by the National Dialogue, not the government.

  5. Bol Gabriel Dhiath

    The war and peace are demanded by citizens to solve some problems and if people fail in both, what could be the end result? My answer is negative. The end result will be a total failure and everyone will be a leader of his/her own household. I dare you to order a calm in South Sudan as a body entrusted to lead peace initiative and silent gun whether someone will listen to you.
    I will be optimistic if and only if all South Sudanese drop their tribal politics and use conventional politics to acquire leadership and accept everyone as South Sudanese not tribesmen.
    Thank you

  6. Acuil Malith Banggol

    The misidentification that South Sudan is tribalism is a mistake. Classically we have urban few colluding in name of tribe while their tribe residing in their homelands continued to suffer equally like other rural majority through South Sudan. There is a real problem of egoistic, individualistic and selfishness being practiced by elites, military and political oligarchs who form around them few cronies. Some of these cronies are in fact a mixture of urban few across tribal and cultural divide. It is this portion of our society who unfortunately mislead the media and abused the use names of certain tribes to loot for themselves. There are evident that those accused of looting or abusing tribal name falsely have not take a single penny to any of our heroic 72 nationalities who honestly participated in liberation struggle and voted for separation. This is evident that the rural majority are yet to benefit from the revolutionary gains. To be honest some tribal individuals might have join the elitist, military and political oligarchs through begging, gossiping, nagging. Let us define the problem as misappropriation by the few who have stepped on the footsteps of colonizers (British and Arabs) to loot South Sudan.
    This is a class problem that should be addressed. OK having one institution being filled by an elitist and his/her crones should mislead the like minded that it is tribalism.

    Solutions should include guidelines that should be responsive to article 36(4) of SSTC 2011 mandating that: The composition of governments shall take into account ethnic, regional and social diversity in order to promote national unity and command national loyalty. So employment policies should be founded on these constitutional values. However, the class problem may continue until provisions of article 166, 167 and specially article 168 of SSTC 2011 are fully implemented mandating recognition and incorporation of Traditional Authority Leaders and their Councils at all levels of government.
    Therefore the National Dialogue shall be completed when elites have allowed Traditional Authorities Leaders to advance the cross cultural dialogue. This could give genuine federalism of pact and covenant among the 72 Nationalities.

    Acuil Malith Banggol

  7. Acuil Malith Banggol

    Cde Malual Achien- Thanks for accepting that the problem is not tribalism that is the core of South Sudan problem. Do not accept that it breeds tribalism and nepotism. The problem is poor management, individualistic, egoistic and selfishness that could be eradicated through collaboration and inclusivity in decision making. The issue of poor management is caused by lack of training, dysfunction institutions, disconnection that erodes away collective leadership. The other challenge is nagging and gossiping that breeds sycophants and inhibits collaborative thinking and envisioning everywhere in our parties and government institutions. Do not accept that all these ills could breed tribalism and nepotism. Because you and members of other South Sudanese are actually victims of the oligarch few who would be happy to see you being against other tribes even their own. It is this misidentification by the media and by the looters which is killing our South Sudanese nationhood and unity in diversity to collaboratively fight against the few looters and corrupt elements. Identifying South Sudan problem as a problem of tribalism is taking away the focus from the real enemies of the Peoples. We should be proud of our diverse cultures which are valued in our constitution under article 33 mandating: Ethnic and cultural communities shall have the right to freely enjoy and develop their particular cultures. Members of such communities shall have the right to practice their beliefs, use their languages, observe their religions and raise their children within the context of their respective cultures and customs in accordance with this Constitution and the law. Tribalism and nepotism are constitutionally addressed under article 36(4) mandating: The composition of governments shall take into account ethnic, regional and social diversity in order to promote national unity and command national loyalty. Hence tribalism could be addressed through policies that should make it a crime to employ relatives at expense of other South Sudanese citizens and nationalities. Those who do not respect the Constitution are not exercising tribalism when they create pupits around them. They are egoistic and selfish. To reiterate do not victimize citizens of any other communities even those who come from homelands of selfish looters. Instead we should mobilize everyone to join the fight while we are united in our diversities. If my tribal man is looting and you target me because South Sudan and me are being looted then you have missed the point. Those who have looted South Sudan did not actually take the loot to their home of origin. They have either expatriated the loot outside South Sudan or them themselves became the victims of the international crime curtails and banking. Just give yourself some deep thinking and reflection about those suspected looters, their behaviors and behavior of their cronies with whom we all are left to buy from KONYOKONYO. They get the bite of economic challenges. They are scared that one day they shall be discovered and made accountable. South Sudanese should maintain being Jenuubeen and united in diversity irrespective of those exploiting and destroying the economy. There is no tribalism! There is no nepotism! WAKE UP! READ YOUR CONSTITUTION! ABIDE BY THE PRINCIPLE AND VALUES OF YOUR POLITICAL PARTY. THINK OF WHAT TO GIVE TO YOUR RELATIVES. THINK OF WHAT TO GIVE TO YOUR TRIBE. THINK OF WHAT TO GIVE TO JENUUBEEN. Do not accept to be mobilized by the looters to destroy the South Sudanese nationhood. It creates fertile soil and misidentification of our problem to give looters a chance to expound on our suffering as Jenuubeen!

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