Fellow Citizens,

Before we start using this Website as we seek to ASK the issues that led to the ongoing conflict in South Sudan, as we seek to BRAINSTORM on the solutions and as we seek to CHOOSE the right solution/s, let us pray: Oh God! give us confidence in the depths of fear, uncertainties, and doubt .

Give us hope when we are surrounded by fear, doubt, and uncertainties!

Make still our worries and calm the anxieties pressing in on us. Reassure us that You are with us though we seem to be divided in our minds, work, and purpose. Reassure us that your purpose for us is to live together in peace and harmony!  Ease our doubting and corrupt tendencies and remove the spirit of sycophancy, prejudices, arrogance, hostility …..that have shuttered our social fabrics.  Oh God, we choose today to dialogue as brethren and God, forgive us from all our ill and diabolic deeds that we have shamelessly exhibited to one another! Lord Jesus, give us Your peace, harmony, and tolerance.Guide us as we search for peace in this Country so that we may not seek it where it is not to be found but we may seek it in You and with your wisdom. We surrender our Nation South Sudan and ALL its beloved Inhabitants unto your mighty hands and give us the courage and spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness. In Jesus Name we Pray. Amen.

By Ladu Samson

Student in the College of Centre for Peace & Development Studies – University of Juba


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