Joint Meeting between the Peace and Security Council (PSC) Delegation from the AU and the Leadership of the National Dialogue.

3rd March 2020

A 15-man delegation from the Peace and Security Council of the African Union met with the Leadership of the National Dialogue in a show of solidarity with the people of South Sudan at the National Constitution Review Commission. The Delegation Headed by the Commissioner for Peace and Security, Ambassador Smail Chergui, comprised of 9 Ambassadors (Morocco, Burundi, Equatorial Guinea, Lesotho, Togo, Angola, Algeria, Djibouti) and 6 Representatives (Kenya, Nigeria, Gabon, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe).

Requested by the Delegation, The Co-Chair hon. Angelo Beda gave a brief recap on the history of National Dialogue to Date (Grassroots consultations, Regional Conferences, Stakeholder Conferences, Workshops etc.) pointing out the major issues addressed i.e. Governance, Security, Economy and Social Cohesion. He also appraised the Delegation of the new dates for the National Conference (16th-28th March 2020).

Some of the Questions raised by the Delegation during the discussion included:

  1. How will the refugees and displaced persons be reintegrated back into the country and the political processes to ensure there is no re-ignition of the conflict?
  2. How inclusive was the Dialogue? Special Emphasis on the persons outside South Sudan i.e Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Congo etc
  3. How will the outcomes of the Dialogue help shape the agenda of the government? How will the recommendations be implemented?
  4. What are the main challenges for the National Dialogue?

 National dialogue Responses:

  • Question 1: If the recommendations from the National Dialogue are implemented, the re-integration should not be a problem.
  • Question 2: The process included the refugees in the neighboring countries.
  • Question 3: The main reason in passing the recommendations to the government is to have the adapted as part of the constitution, but as to whether the resolutions and recommendations will be adapted is totally dependent on the government of the day.
  • Question 4: The main challenge is the implementation of the resolutions/recommendations, as so far the government has not been formed.

Closing remarks by the Delegation

Members of the Delegation applauded the ND for its transparency and inclusivity in the manner in which it conducted the whole process. They reiterated the fact South Sudan’s problem requires a South Sudan solution, and that the National Dialogue was a big part of that solution. They requested the documents of the National Dialogue to be shared with the PSC and committed to supporting the National Dialogue and South Sudan at large in the peace-building process.