South Sudan National Dialogue Releases Nairobi Consultation Findings

3rd December 2017
Nairobi Consultation
Amb. Michael Majok Ayom Dor hoists the flag at South Sudan embassy in Nairobi on July 26, 2011.

The Refugee and International Outreach Subcommittee has released an official summary of its findings from its lengthy consultations in Nairobi. In response to heavy demand for participation, the consultation was extended from three to four days. Subcommittee chairperson, Hon. Deng Dau remarked that the Nairobi consultation “consultative discussions were conducted in an open, frank, free and decisive talks”.

Indeed, Nairobi consultation produced more ideas than any prior consultation. Some of the ideas echoed sentiments expressed in Uganda, such as transforming the military according to international norms. Specifically, participants called on the SPLA, SPLA-IO, and all other variants of SPLA to be dissolved. They said that instead of SPLA there should be a national army recruited from all parts of the country. At the same time, they also called on all variants of the SPLM — and all other political parties — to formally and permanently disassociate themselves from the SPLA and from military and security forces in general.

There were some ideas that the National Dialogue had not heard before. For example, Nairobi consultation participants suggested that the National Dialogue promote sports as a way to create national unity.

54 Observations and Solutions from the Nairobi Consultation

  1. That the Executive arm of the government is undermining the independence of the Legislature, Judiciary, military and security institutions
  2. Power struggle among politicians, hence creation of the current crisis in the country
  3. That the president should take time and visit all parts of the country to give the message of hope to the citizens
  4. There should be creation of a unified army in South Sudan
  5. Tribalism is at its highest peak in the country and that we must fight it collectively
  6. Accountability, transparency should be taken seriously in the country
  7. Government should build schools, healthcare centres and roads
  8. Government to fix the country’s economy
  9. That sports should be developed so as it becomes a tool for peace and unity among communities, and the National Dialogue should make use of sports
  10. That South Sudanese are the big enemies to themselves and their country- and must rescind their warmongering behaviours
  11. Disarmament be carried out throughout the country
  12. Army/SPLA should be urgently separated from politics-SPLM
  13. That the failures in leadership are the making of the people surrounding the president, that they don’t have the country at heart
  14. High illiteracy among the citizens, making them susceptible to manipulations by elites and military generals and rebel groups
  15. High dependency ratio- causing the runaway corruption, where people holding public offices loot public funds to feed the many mouths in their homes in Juba and abroad
  16. That the ethnic animosity and pride among the Nuer and the Dinka is a big threat to the existence of South Sudan
  17. Permanent Constitution be made that clearly spell out separation of powers
  18. That the Presidential Decrees should be stopped to avoid creation of rebellions, by people who are removed from office and that unqualified people are being brought to lead institutions
  19. A question was raised asking that why are the Nuers not included in the National Dialogue? And that if the Nuers are not included then there is no need for Dialogue
  20. That Riek Machar should be included in the National Dialogue
  21. That National Dialogue is a delay tactic by the government to frustrated the August 2015 Peace Agreement
  22. Negative ethnicity- we must deal with this urgently
  23. Equal representation of all communities in public institutions
  24. Marginalization of some communities- that some communities have been excluded in the affairs of South Sudan
  25. The Land Question/Land grabbing- that people in power and with wealth are grabbing lands in some parts of the country.  Laws be put in place to oversee the distribution of land in the country
  26. Hate speech, ethnic profiling are major influencers of the current war in the country
  27. Jieng Council of Elders is a major factor in the disintegration of the country, and that the resident should be disbanded it with immediate effect
  28. Ngundeng proponents/followers are misusing the prophecies for inciting war
  29. That Equatorians are should stop killing people on the roads
  30. That Presidential Advisors be removed and people with South Sudan at heart by appointed to advise the President
  31. That concerted efforts towards the war against corruption be instituted
  32. People say there should be Attorney General to advice the president on all matters
  33. SPLM as a party, they say is the mother of all the crisis in the country and that its military wing the SPLA should be dissolved and a new army comprising of all communities be instituted to carry out a professional mission of safeguarding the sovereignty and protecting its people at all times
  34. Freedom of the Media should be guaranteed to spread the message of peace and unity
  35. Economy- government should regulate the circulation of currencies in and that goes outside the country
  36. That Pension Scheme be put in place to cater for the retirees
  37. Creation of more states, they say is adding more problems in the country, by dividing people into tribes and clans
  38. NILE PET- that why is Nile Petroleum Corporation kept for only one tribe?
  39. That Foreign Missions/Embassies are dominated by one tribe- leaving others on the periphery
  40. Formation of tribal militias and rebellions be discouraged at all
  41. That the security sector institutions are controlled by one tribe, making others outsiders in the affairs of the nation
  42. That the government has abandoned Heglig or Panthou in Ruweng and Mile 14 in Northern Bahr el Ghazal to Khartoum
  43. There must be public sector reforms
  44. The deployment of the soldiers should not be based on their tribes or regions, they should be deployed anywhere
  45. The Unknown Gunmen must stop killing those they perceived as government critics and even innocent citizens
  46. That disarmament be done in Greater Lakes State-Rumbek, to help stop the rampant killings in that region
  47. That the government should stop reinstating former governors and generals into the army
  48. That a law be enacted to make it compulsory that those who intend to become governors must have a degree from University
  49. The Uncle-system in public institutions must end- this encourages nepotism and sectarianism in government departments
  50. That superiority battles among politicians should stop- to avoid creating conflicts
  51. That president should not be advised by one community only – the Dinka
  52. That President Kiir should stop recycling his friends in public offices through decrees
  53. That the government should rebuild relationship with United States of America, United Kingdom
  54. That IGAD has used South Sudan as it business centre, and that it must leave the country to settle its own problems


Next week, the Refugee and International Outreach Subcommittee will continue its Kenya consultations in refugee settlements in the Kakuma area.