National Dialogue Denounces Financial Collections in its Name

8th August 2018
ND leadership and the business community adress the media on February 23, 2018 following a consultative event at Freedom Hall, Juba

The South Sudan National Dialogue Steering Committee has issued a press release rejecting collections of funds from businesses in Juba using the name of the body.

Under the stewardship of the Deputy Co-Chair, Hon. Gabriel Yoal Dok, the leadership has given a stern warning in a message to some members of the Jubek Chamber of Commerce to stop collecting money from traders on behalf of the National Dialogue.

“We learnt that some members of the Jubek Chamber of Commerce were and are still moving around in the markets of Juba collecting money from traders in Juba city…in the name of the National Dialogue,” Hon. Gabriel said.

“We condemn this practice and ask those who are pursuing it to end this immediately,” he said.

The malpractice follows a meeting in February where the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture promised to “sit down and organize to see how to support the ND process” financially.

In a press conference today, Deputy Rapporteur on Administration and Finance Hon. Dr. William Othown Awer emphasized the points made by Deputy-Co-Chair.

“We don’t know how much they (the Jubek Chamber of Commerce) have collected. The way they are doing it is really very painful,” he said. “

Hon. William added that even tea and vegetable sellers were being unfairly asked to contribute, ostensibly in support of the dialogue. “We agreed that they have to stop this immediately. We have no knowledge of it.”

Simon Akuei Deng, the Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce said there was a mix-up on the matter. He said that their fundraising committee that went out was trying to fulfill the organization’s promise to assist the National Dialogue. However, Simon said that the committee “shouldn’t have included the micro enterprises. They should have started from the shops and companies.”