The National Dialogue Leadership establishes Community Engagement Committee (CEC)

30th June 2019

Community Engagement Committee for the Implementation of Presidential Order No. 25/2017

The Community Engagement Committee (CEC) was formed on 17 June 2019 from six members representing the communities of Acholi, Bari, Bor, Kuku, Lulubo, and Ma’di. The CEC subsequently met on 18/6/ 2019 and organized itself as follows:

  1. John Lado Tombe, Chair of the Committee
  2. Benjamin Malek Alier, Deputy Chair
  3. Anna Kaku Samson, Secretary General
  4. Elppidio Okot
  5. Wilson Lo’diong Sebit
  6. Jino Gama

The CEC has been formed in response to the recent recommendation of the Regional Dialogue Conference/Forum for Greater Upper Nile Region (GUNR), which called for the immediate repatriation of cattle herders to Jonglei (i.e. Greater Bor) from Equatoria.

Terms of Reference (ToR):

  1. Identification of key elements of the Repatriation Program (RP);
  2. Undertake visits to all current cattle camps in Equatroia (Jubek, Torit, and Yei River States) and intended areas for the repatriation in Bor and surrounding counties and payams;
  3. Determine the factors (e.g. push and pull) for the smooth repatriation of pastoralists and the speedy return of farmers to their farms;
  4. Identify the stakeholders (communities, levels of government, and international community, etc.) and determine their respective roles in the formulation and implementation of RP;
  5. Conduct a meeting with institutions and agencies identified in the Presidential Order No. 25/2017 with the view of identifying the challenges that have had faced those who were instructed to implement the order;
  6. Undertake costing of RP and propose strategies for resource mobilization;
  7. Formulate appropriate implementation mechanism (s);
  8. Provide to the Leadership of the National Dialogue a budget for the work of the Committee;
  9. Formulate an implementation matrix, including Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system; and
  10. Provide a date for the report of the Committee to the Leadership of the National