National Dialogue Listens to Plight of Anyuak of Pochalla and Akobo

27th March 2018
Anyuak Elder speaks out at a National Dialogue Consultative Forum on March 26, 2018 at Freedom Hall. Photo by: Ikilass Henry/SSND

Anyuak from Pochalla, Boma State, and Akobo, Akobo State, held a consultative meeting Monday with South Sudan National Dialogue Co-Chair, Hon. Angelo Beda.

Numbering about 100, members of the Anyuak ethnic group recounted gruesome mistreatments they said they suffered in the hands of ethnic Nuer and Murle. The Anyuak shared numerous grievances with the peace-making body, including the following:

  • Wanton killings of their people in ambushes and target killings
  • Conflict-induced hunger due to lack of cultivation
  • Abductions of children
  • Raiding of cattle
  • Marginalization from governance
  • Lack of infrastructural access (No roads and mobile networks in Anyuak areas).
  • Absence of justice & rule of law in Anyuak areas
  • Grabbing of land by neighbours
  • Administrative destabilization from their areas
  • Absence of Anyuak County within Akobo
  • Denial of government salaries to the Anyuak
  • Reward of rebellions

Due to the above reasons, most of the Anyuak representatives who spoke at the hall concluded that they needed a state of their own. “We need an Anyuak state,” said one elder. “Someone who kills a child and a mother, and you stay together [with them]? No child should be born without a home,” added Othow from Akobo.

After the Anyuak aired out their views, it was the turn of Hon. Angelo Beda to respond to their concerns. He said that he was sympathetic to the Anyuak story and assured them of the dialogue’s commitment to address simmering grassroots problems. “I don’t want someone’s child to be killed senselessly,” Hon. Angelo said.

The Co-Chair asked the Anyuak to bring up their issues in upcoming regional consultations either in Bor, Pibor or Juba, with respect to Greater Jonglei.