National Dialogue Steering Committee Passes Document on ‘Reorganization of the South Sudanese State’

23rd October 2018

South Sudan National DialogueAfter three days of animated debate, the National Dialogue Steering Committee has today passed a document, entitled “Proposal on the Reorganization of the South Sudanese State.”

The document, which will be presented to regional conferences and the National Conference, introduces series of rapid reforms in conformity with suggestions from grassroots during the previous countrywide consultations.

To be presented to the R-ARCSS government when it’s formed next year, the proposal was passed with amendments and the final version would eventually incorporate views from members of the Steering Committee during the debate of the last few days.

The document also stresses the complementarities between the Revitalized Agreement and the National Dialogue. As the two processes represent different constituencies, with the former being elite driven while the latter champions the grassroots interest, the document suggests that the two processes should be merged to work in synergy with one another.

To read the full document, click the link below: