South Sudan National Dialogue Committee Members Sworn In

15th September 2017
How National Dialogue Works

Today in Juba members of the National Dialogue organizing bodies, the Leadership, Secretariat, and Steering Committee, were sworn in by President Salva Kiir. The event was a significant milestone in the development of the National Timeline as it marked the official transfer of agency from the Government of South Sudan to the citizen volunteers, led by Leadership Co-Chairs Angelo Beda and Abel Alier. Over 111 members swore an oath before President Salva Kiir.

In a larger sense, it marked the transfer of the administration of the National Dialogue from the Government to all citizens of South Sudan.

“I would like to assure all the people of South Sudan that my team with given political capital from the leadership, ensure inclusivity, integrity and transparency of the National Dialogue process

– Abel Alier