Salva Kiir National Dialogue Announcement Speech

14th December 2016
Salva Kiir National Dialogue Speech
Salva Kiir National Dialogue Speech

For South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir National Dialogue was conceived as a peace and national unification process. Since the formation of the National Dialogue organizers, President Kiir has recused himself as patron. The organizers have expanded and modified the vision set forth in this speech, but it’s a valuable reference point.

“As a measure to consolidate peace in our country and to bring people together, I am initiating the process of the National Dialogue.

Remember, Dialogue has been a hallmark of our liberation struggle. We had always used dialogue as a mechanism to manage our differences  and to recommit ourselves to our unity of purpose and resolve to set our people free.”

To read the complete text: PRESIDENT SPEECH ON DEC 14, 2016. A related resource is the Concept Note backing this speech, also published in 2016.