Juba Airport, Juba, South Sudan – 5th December 2017

Media Briefing on Consultations in Uganda and Kenya

Press Release
South Sudanese men and women hold dialogue in Nairobi, Kenya. Nov. 23rd, 2017.

Good after Noon ladies and gentlemen of the press

The leadership of the National Dialogue’s Subcommittee on Refugees and International
Outreach would wish to extend its gratitude and appreciations to the media for the good
coverage of the consultations in the Republics of Uganda and Kenya. We equally thank and
acknowledge the keen interests of our public and listeners, viewers, or readers of various
media; electronic, broadcast and print.

We have returned to day from Uganda and Kenya after more than three weeks of
consultations with our citizens living in those two countries. Our mission started on
November 13/11,2017 in Kampala, Uganda for seven days where we met representatives of
the stakeholders and consult with them for three days at Royale Imperial Hotel and we had
consulted differently staff members of our diplomatic mission to the Republic of Uganda.

The embassy officials were met, not in their capacity as government employees but as
citizens of the Republic of South Sudan living outside the country. Consultations in Kampala
were attended by about three hundred South Sudanese from different demographic and
professional backgrounds with consideration to regional representation.
The team took a mission to refugees’ settlements in five districts of Yumbe, Lamuo, Arua,
Moyo and Ivembe of Wat Nile region of the Republic of Uganda. The first leg began at Arua
and Yumbe Districts; Whereby refugees’ representatives and stakeholders gathered in Arua
Heritage Court Hotel for three days.

The consultations were both tearing, emotional, and aggressive, but eventually beneficial to
refugees and to the process of the National Dialogue. Two hundred representatives
attended from two settlements of Ivembe and Rhino refugee’s camps respectively.

Thereafter; the team travelled from Arua to Moyo, Adjumani and Lamuo districts; where
similar consultative processes were held at the Christian Youth Centre in Adjumani.

We have seen; Hunger, frustration, future uncertainty and hopelessness dominating the
proceeding and discussions of the National Dialogue therein. However, the refugees were
able to articulate what they Think is a problem in the Republic of South Sudan currently and
what should be done to avert the situation in such circumstances. They further argued the
South Sudan they want and how that can be attained. The meetings in three districts
brought two hundred and sixty (260) delegates of the stakeholders. The National Dialogue
Steering Committee team members included categories as civil society activists, political
parties and certain armed groups in those consultations amongst local hosting communities,
host government and UNHCR.

The Subcommittee on Refugees and International Outreach was advised by the United
Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) not to proceed to one of the settlements
called Kiryandogo.

After this one-week long consultative action in refugees’ settlements; the team left
Adjumani for Entebbe through to Kenya, where we arrived at Nairobi on the 25/11/2017
and commenced our meetings on the 27/11/2017 with South Sudanese community
leadership in the Republic of Kenya to prepare and plan for the consultations and the
distribution of representatives of the stakeholders.

There was a sense of misinformation and apprehension of what exactly was the mission of
the National Dialogue in Kenya. After the mission details were known, the leaders took
Upon themselves to help in the preparation and selection of representatives, therefore;
consultations commenced on the 29/11/2017 and ended on the 1/12/2017.
In the same line as Uganda, South Sudanese found it appropriate not to miss this national
platform; they gave their frank, open and honest contributions on what they think are the
root causes of the current war in our country. It is important to note that; South Sudanese
where ever they are, they love South Sudan because they have contributed to its liberation
and independence.

Meanwhile the Subcommittee on Refugees and International Outreach was not able to get
necessary arrangements for possible consultations in Kakuma and Kalobeyei refugees’
Settlements in Turkana District of the Republic of Kenya.

We might be aware that, Kenya has just concluded its electoral process and the cabinet is
yet to be nominated, thus; the host government and our embassy in Kenya were not able to
reach a green light for the subcommittee to visit the refugees’ settlements for consultations
as UNHCR is equally handicapped by the same reason.

Four hundred and eighty (480) people participated in various consultations in Kenya, it is
therefore worth mentioning that representatives of communities came as far as Kapenguria,
Kitale, Eldoret, Nakuru, Nyeri, Karatina , Thika, Machakos and the city of Nairobi. The team
would like to refer you to check the www.ssnationaldialogue.org and our Facebook page;

The consultative sessions were broadcasted live on our Facebook page which was watched
by over fifty thousand people across the world.

In conclusion, allow me to extend specific messages of thanks to all the citizens of the
Republic of South Sudan residing in various refugee’s settlements, cities and towns in the
Two sisterly countries of Uganda and Kenya. We equally upload the host governments of
the Republics of Uganda and Kenya. We are also indebted to extend our gratitude to
UNHCR, UNDP, Resident District Commissioners, Refugees Desk Officers in those countries
where our population has taken sanctuary.

Finally, on behalf of the National Dialogue Sub-committee on Refugees and International
Outreach; I take this opportunity to thank the Co-chairs and the leadership of NDSC for any
success of this mission. As I end here, I would like to appeal to our public to give National
Dialogue a chance to consult and prepare for an inclusive, transparent and fair homegrown
initiative where all South Sudanese discuss their destiny and help in fixing current problems
of refuge, internal displacement, insecurity, economic hardship and state of affairs in our
young nation .

Authorized by Hon. Deng Dau Deng

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Vincent Wanga contact@ssnationaldialogue.org