Juba, South Sudan – 9th November 2017

National Dialogue Announces Comprehensive Upper Nile Province Consultations

Press Release
Malakal in Upper Nile
Malakal Mosque in Upper Nile Province, South Sudan

Hon. Simon Kun Poch, Head of the National Dialogue’s Subcommittee on the Upper Nile Province, will lead a comprehensive round of local consultation around all 5 Upper Nile Province states, leading to a regional consultation forum in Malakal. Most of the local consultation events are expected to take place towards the end of November and into early December; specific dates and times will be announced by the National Dialogue Secretariat in the comings weeks. These Upper Nile Province Consultations are important to the National Dialogue process because they will convene many voices and leaders from the Nuer tribal communities and bring them closer to dialogue with the rest of South Sudan.

Mr. Poch’s delegation will be comprised of 12 people, including fellow Subcommittee on Upper Nile members Prof. Bol Deng Chol, Dr. Joseph Nyok Abiel, Dr. Haruun L. Ruun Lual, as well as a 3 person media crew to record each consultation forum, a 2-person documentation unit, 1 person for logistics and 1 research person from the National Dialogue Subcommittee on Research.

Upper Nile is a large province divided into five states but the delegation will cover the whole region via local consultation, laying the groundwork for a regional conference in Malakal in early 2018. In addition, the delegation will select the Upper Niles delegates the national consultation forum in Juba, which is expected to take place towards the end of 2018.

Vincent Wanga contact@ssnationaldialogue.org