Juba, South Sudan – 20th August 2018

Press Release on the Revitalized Khartoum Peace Agreement

Press Release

South Sudan National Dialogue





The President of the Republic of South Sudan, representing the popularly elected will of the sovereign people of South Sudan, recently signed a revitalized peace agreement in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum with the South Sudanese leaders of the opposition movements that have been fighting the government in a civil war that has devastated the country and has sent thousands of our citizens to refuge in countries neighboring South Sudan. The national dialogue, which the president has entrusted us with its management, in an effort to reconcile our people with one another, wholeheartedly welcomes the new peace agreement between the government and the rebel groups that have signed this latest Khartoum peace agreement.

Since the cause for this devastation was a power struggle between our leaders and since the Khartoum peace agreement has now been signed by all, we hope that all will cooperate to ensure peace and security for the extremely downtrodden innocent citizens of South Sudan and will respect that peace, so that our people can struggle with their lives in the impossible circumstances which this uncalled for civil war has created for them.

Although the National Dialogue has now reached the stage of organizing the regional and the national conferences and is now at the level of preparing the final documents for these conferences and although the National Dialogue Steering Committee had before invited the leaders of the opposition movements to join the national dialogue, an invitation which some of them turned down, now that they are all signatory to the revitalized Khartoum peace agreement of 5 August 2018, the leadership of the Steering Committee of the National Dialogue hereby, again, invite the opposition to send us their written views on whatever national concern that they may want us to include in these final documentation of the National Dialogue to the forthcoming conferences.

In the interest of our people and country, may the August 5 peace Agreement last and may the government that will be set up under that peace agreement inspire our people towards national reconciliation and towards a lasting peace?



Abel Alier,

Angelo Beda,


The National Dialogue Steering Committee,


The Republic of South Sudan.

Vincent Wanga contact@ssnationaldialogue.org