Juba, South Sudan – 12th November 2017

Announcing Consultations with South Sudan Refugees in Uganda and Kenya

Press Release
A South Sudanese refugee camp in Uganda
A refugee from South Sudan Kiden Alice Hope transports food she received from the World Food Program (WFP) in Palorinya settlement camp for distribution in Moyo district northern Uganda October 26, 2017. Picture taken October 26, 2017. REUTERS/James Akena

The National Dialogue’s Sub-committee on Refugees and International Outreach is set to leave Juba on Monday for consultations with urban and rural refugees in Kampala and 58 camps in Northern Uganda. Reaching out to South Sudan Refugees is a crucial part of the National Dialogue process.

The two weeks consultation mission in Uganda is the first leg of the Sub-committee to consult with refugees on the agenda for the National Dialogue Conference.

Deng Dau Deng, Chairman of Sub-committee on Refugees and International Outreach explains the purpose of the trip as to collect the views of refugees for inclusion in the agenda of National Dialogue Conference.

“Consultations with refugees to get their views, aware on the importance of participation in National Dialogue Conference, get the exclusive views of all refugees, reconciling the findings on refugees concerned with the need for peace and end of political crisis make the purpose this very important consultation”, said Hon. Deng Dau.

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To read about the strategic planning behind consultations with South Sudan refugees, read the concept note.

While in Kampala, the Subcommittee shall meet the urban refugees and conduct meetings with Embassy officials; Host Government Authority; UNHCR; women groups; Academics; influential persons; students; sports and youth groups and civil society amongst other stakeholders.

After a week in Kampala, the Subcommittee shall Travel to Refugee’s camps as Arua, Kiryadongo, and Adjumani camp sites to meet with Community leaders; Camps leaders; Women groups; Youth groups; Religious groups; Teachers; Associations; Business groups; Traditional groups and sports; Persons with special needs; Civil society organizations; host government and communities; and UNHCR.

The Sub-committee on Refugees and International Outreach shall travel from Uganda to Kenya to consult with refugees on the same in Nairobi, Kakuma, and Kalobeyei for another two weeks.

South Refugees in Kampala

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