Juba, South Sudan – 3rd March 2020

Technical Workshop on Land Policy and Administration in South Sudan

Press Release

Juba, February 24th– 25th – The National Dialogue of South Sudan, through its leadership, facilitated a technical workshop in partnership with and The Government of South Sudan, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and The Government of Japan, on Land Policy and Administration in South Sudan. The workshop brought together representatives from several national Ministries, academia, civil society, traditional leaders, communities, South Sudan Land Commission, Political Parties, The Council of State, Faith-based Organizations Diplomats, Traditional leaders and other policy makers.

From the grassroots consultations, through the regional and stakeholder conferences, land emerged as a cross-cutting driver of conflict in South Sudan(SS), encompassing Governance, Security, Economy and Social cohesion issues. This backdrop highlighted the importance of land in ensuring prosperity and sustainable development, as well as addressing the broader challenges related to the post-crisis situation in South Sudan.

Hon. Gabriel Yoal Dok, the Deputy Co-Chair of the National Dialogue Steering Committee, highlighted that this was a unique opportunity for all the conference’s participants to engage in discussions that will help strengthen the Land Reform Policy in South Sudan, as a means to promoting sustainable peace and stability in the country. In addition, the Rapporteur of the National Dialogue Hon. Bona Malual stated that with the formation of the Government of National Unity having taken place, the workshop provided an important forum for building sustainable peace by addressing land issues through formulation of good land policies that will prevent re-ignition of past conflicts. Seiji Okada, the Ambassador of Japan to South Sudan, recognized that land was a driver of conflict in South Sudan, and reiterated that Japan will continue working with the people of South Sudan in peace-building and sustainable development efforts.

Themed “Proper and Efficient Land Management Systems,” the workshop sought to shed more light on the Technical issues on land Policy and Administration by availing information on the various options, orientations and approaches being practiced in similar contexts. These issues included: 1) Land Tenure systems: Freehold, Leasehold, and Customary ownership; 2) Forms of Land Tenure; 3) Evolution of Land Policy and Administration in South Sudan Since the Condominium Rule; 4) Land Policy and Administration: Synthesis, Challenges and Policy Suggestions.

The outcomes of the workshop are to be further firmed up by the National Dialogue Steering Committee and incorporated, as recommendations, in the National Dialogue Conference, which will be held on 16th – 28th March 2020.


Vincent Wanga contact@ssnationaldialogue.org