Adjumani, Uganda – 23rd November 2017

Official Statement: What South Sudanese Uganda Refugees Want

Press Release
Adjumani Refugee Consultations
An elderly refugee from the Lamwo settlement in Uganda expresses his opinion.

The Subcommittee on Refugees and International Outreach met last night to synthesize their 7 days of consultations in Uganda, held in Kampala, the Arua District, and the Adjumani District with the goal of determining how Uganda refugees want to solve South Sudan’s problems. Close to 1,000 participated and many were group leaders representing a significant portion of the 1 million South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. In consultations throughout the country, participants called for broad reforms on the power and influence of the military in government, politics, and civilian society.

Uganda refugees want:
  1. Adoption of Federalism as a system of Governance
  2. Disbandment of Jieng Council of Elders in South Sudan
  3. Creation of a unified army comprising all communities
  4. Separation of SPLA from the party SPLM
  5. Removal of cattle from farmlands in Equatoria
  6. Provision of Equal opportunities for all Junubiin
  7. Provision of strict adherence to rule of law
  8. Meaningful and assured fight against corrupt officials and generals
  9. Enactment of laws that incriminate or make tribalism a crime
  10. Reduction of the many generals in the military to ensure more funds goes for development rather than salaries
  11. Reduction of the 32 states and return to the three former three Regions of Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal, and Upper Nile as a means to solidify national unity
  12. Carrying out massive disarmament throughout the country to remove weapons from the hands of illegal holders
  13. Provision of quality education beginning with construction of schools across the country to fight the high rate of  illiteracy
  14. Enactment of Pension law to pave way for the retirement of the old people still occupying offices meant for young people
  15. Inclusion of all political parties and armed groups in the National Dialogue to ensure inclusivity
  16. That the government should be on maximum alert to deter foreign interference, saying outside countries are responsible for the conflict in the country
  17. That IGAD should clearly explain its involvement in South Sudan, instead of making South Sudan crisis a lucrative business hub for themselves
  18. That the Army should be removed from cities and placed in barracks as it is a norm in the international standards
  19. That top leaders in both the government and the opposition should prioritize peace over staying in power

What Uganda Refugees Want - National Dialogue South SudanSubcommittee chair Hon. Deng Dau lauded the spirit of Pan Africanism that his delegation saw reflected in the remarkable generosity of Uganda towards South Sudan refugees. He also pointed out that the contributions by participants will be documented and become part of history.

Your active participation will be recorded and shall remain part of the contemporary history of our country.

Download the Speech of Hon. Deng Dau: STATEMENT OF THE CHAIR IN ADJUMANI

The National Dialogue would like to thank the invaluable assistance of the UNHCR and the government of Uganda in conducting these consultations and helping determine what South Sudanese Uganda refugees want.

Vincent Wanga