Very glad to have learned that you have created the website for the national dialogue.

To me, I am very much keen on the arbitrary powers of arrest. All citizens can arrest but only for 24 hours! The public prosecution attorney has one week to arrest and detain any suspect. The court has a maximum of 6 months. Whether the Prosecution Attorney or the Court must record their reasons for detaining the suspect beyond 24 hours or 6 months. All these records must form part of the entire court proceeding and be cited in the subsequent judgment. There’s nowhere in the constitution or the Penal code, or Criminal Procedure Act, 2008, that gives Governors, Commissioners, Speakers, Mayors and Generals to detain the suspects without sanction by the court!! This has caused imminent suffering of punishing innocent without reasons. Even the President does not have power to arbitrarily arrest a suspect whatsoever without referring to the Public Prosecutor and the Court!

The problem of abuse of the due process of law is responsible for retaliatory attacks. Check the provisions of the law, obey them and have a lasting peace you are looking for. No more pain that goes beyond illegally detaining a suspect by detaining him or her the protection of the law. If the law fails or is directed to threaten those whom it’s supposed to protect then people have to make choices.


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