Tut Kew Gatluak, the advisor to president Salva Kiir (Photo: Gordon Buay Malek)

A team of government peace negotiators, led by its Chairperson, Hon. Tut Kew Gatluak has commended the ‘tremendous work’ that the South Sudan National Dialogue Steering Committee has been doing for the past one year.

The comment was made today at Freedom Hall, at a meeting of the plenary chaired by Hon. Angelo Beda, the National Dialogue Co-Chair.

Noting the dialogue’s many obstacles that have laced its path from the start, Dr. Dhieu Mathok Diing, the Minister of Electricity and Dams and a member of the government negotiation to the Revitalization Forum, expressed hope that the ND has won legitimacy and many hearts through its hard work.

In an extensive briefing to the members of the Steering Committee, the duo spoke about the hopes and perils facing the peace process. Dr Dhieu said that the key impediments to the smooth implementation of the agreement attribute to lack of funding and absence of International goodwill. “The International Community are reluctant to support the peace process,” he said.

The presentations were followed by animated questions from members of the Steering Committee.

Hon. Kom Kom Geng, a member of the Steering Committee, praised the signing of the agreement and characterized it as a “bonus to the National Dialogue.”

He recommended to the high level two-man delegation to entice non-signatories to the agreement to jump aboard the National Dialogue as a vehicle of not only expressing their grievances but also ultimately solving them.




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