Torit: Chan Deal
The National Dialogue sup- committee for Eastern Equtoria region headed by Hon. Nertisio Loluki Manir lounch consultations meetings with different groups in Torit the former Capital of the Eastern Equatoria state .
In the consultations meetings with the youth and wamen and the security sectors in Torit county the chair- person of the sup-committee Honer Nartisio Manir call all stakeholders to take this opportunity that the president  give it the people of the country to express their few’s with freely with out fear . So that we can now the roads causes of the problems in the country, hon. Nartisio sated.
He added that the work of the committee is to here from you the stakeholders and take to the leadership of the National  Dialogue headed by Hon. Angelo Beda and the Abel Alier the tow Co-chair of the National Dialogue. He also assure the stakeholders that this national dialogue is inclusive and transparency and body must say everything that is looking is a roads cusses of the problems in the country, and no one will arrest some body, because the National dialogue inched by president and he is not longer a patron of this initiative .


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